About South African Art

Picture Framing - General Information and Where to Go

An general overview about picture framing, styles and formats and choosing professional framers for your framing needs.
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Elephant Art

Capture the majesty, mystery and beauty of Africa with elephant art from Fine Art Portfolio
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Lion Art

Fine Art Portfolio’s selection of Lion Art includes works by some of South Africa’s best known wildlife artists.
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A Closer Look at Abstract Art

Abstract art is loosely associated with all the prominent art movements of the so-called modern era. We take a look at what abstract art is and at the major movements of abstract art.
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Influential South African Female Artists

Over the years, South Africa has produced a number of celebrated female artists. We explore a number of both historically famous and currently popular female South African Artists.
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Western Cape Galleries

Several Western Cape art galleries, all situated within popular tourist destinations including the Cape Winelands and the V&A Waterfront.
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Office Decorating with Artwork

A detailed guide to decorating an office with artworks that reflect the ambience and ethos of a particular company.
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Tips for Hanging Landscape Paintings

Hanging paintings, so that they are the focal point of a room and enhance the space they are in, is an art unto itself. Read our tips before getting started with the process for a good result.
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South African Sculptors

Africa’s rich tapestry of cultures, tribal clans and wildlife is often the chosen subject matter of leading sculptures emanating from South Africa, creating a unique and expressive art form that is successfully making in-roads in the global art community.
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Antique Map Collecting

In contemporary times, antique map collecting has become a remarkably popular and rewarding hobby with avid collectors choosing a specific region, period or cartographer as a guideline.
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Identifying the Differences between Art Mediums

A guide to establishing the differences between art mediums such as oil paintings, acrylic, watercolour and dry mediums which furthermore highlights South African artists who use these mediums.
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Guidelines for Safe Online Shopping

Ordering artwork online with Fine Art Portfolio is safe, easy and secure, here are a few pointers on general online shopping.
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How to Care for Paintings

Care and maintenance tips for keeping your paintings in prime condition.
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Buying Authentic African art

Information about African art and popular artists from this great continent with a few tips on buying authentic arts and crafts from Africa.
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Supporting Township Artists

Why you should support well established as well as emerging township artists in South Africa, and where to source authentic township artwork.
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Tips on Buying Wildlife Art

A few tips on purchasing South African wildlife art, from paintings to sculptures and ceramics from Fine Art Portfolio's selection of South African galleries.
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Buying Art as a Souvenir

A short guide to buying South African art as souvenirs and gifts from Fine Art Portfolio's range of established South African galleries.
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Art as Décor

An overview about buying South African art for use as décor pieces for the home or office.
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History of Art in South Africa

An overview of the history of art in South Africa, from early days of reportage art from early historians to the emergence of South African artists in the international art world.
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About South African Art

An overview about South African art, the history of art in the country and information on how and where to buy South African artwork.
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Art Matters Part 3 - Is fashion important when buying South African art?

Fashion is always an important factor to consider when buying or selling art, here we have answered a few common questions about South African art and what to look for.
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Art Matters Part 2 - What makes great artists and their work GREAT?

Using a checklist of criteria use this guide to determine what makes an artist and their work GREAT
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Art Matters Part 1 - Appreciating & Collecting Art

A guide to appreciating and collecting South African fine art, as well as some helpful tips on what to look for when shopping for artwork in South Africa
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South African Artist David Bucklow - Original Paintings

David Bucklow - Original Paintings

In a style that is most definitely photo-realistic, showing tremendous talent in the detailed treatment of his mesmerising studies, working in his chosen medium of acrylic and finished with a varnish veneer for extra luster.

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South African Artist Mauro Chiarla

Mauro Chiarla

Italian born and influenced by the likes of Matisse, Cezanne, Monet and Manet, this art master paints magical South African scenes with broad brushstrokes and a warm Mediterranean palette.

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South African Artist Katharine Ambrose

Katharine Ambrose

Creating a new awareness of the beauty in common day rural and township life, depicting groups of people going about their normal life, correct in posture and attitude has earned her the 'Lowryesque' mantle.

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