Township Art South Africa

Township art depicts the fragile system of the struggle for existence and the hope of survival in many of South Africa’s informal settlements. The combination of rough and raw materials like wood, plastic, metal, tin and paint work together in creating, often in a mixed media artwork and even sometimes in 3-D, a unique and intriguing interpretation of a day in the life of the townships. Bright colours bring hope to the hopeful, structures build strength for the weak. The juxtaposition of both dream and reality is clearly visible in these works.

Popular township art by South African artists include Frank Ross, Katherine Ambrose, Mauro Chiarla and Lazarus Ramontseng, amongst others, and can be purchased directly from our online art gallery

Township Art by Jen Adam Township Art by Katherine Ambrose Township Art by Mauro Chiarla Township Art by Benjamin Mitchley
Township Art by Lazarus Ramontseng Township Art by Frank Ross Township Art by Roeloff Rossouw Township Art by Francis Sibanda
Township Art by Peter Sibeko    

Uniquely South African Township Art
One of the major attractions of township art is that it is an exclusive South African art genre. In inimitable South African style, the harsh reality of life in the dusty townships is recorded in bright, happy colours and a jumble of homes and humanity. Read more

Why Buy Township Paintings?
Apart from their wonderful aesthetic appeal, township paintings are a significant historical record of a constantly evolving way of life. Many of the original artworks by the early township artists – Gerard Sekoto, George Pemba and Dumile Feni – depict township life in the mid 20th century, a way of life that no longer exists. Original artworks by these Masters are highly valued and currently command record prices at auction houses all over the world.Read more

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